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Laser Dentistry Clinic

For treating many dental problems, the use of lasers is becoming popular. Laser dentistry is quite comfortable for various dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue. The full form of LASER is ‘light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. The instrument emits light energy in the form of a very narrow and focused beam. A reaction takes place when the laser light hits the tissue, allowing it to shape or remove the tissue. We got to know from the experts of a dental clinic that the use of laser dentistry is for: Depending on the treatment, dentists use either soft tissue or hard tissue lasers. The use of soft tissue lasers is for treating periodontitis by killing bacteria and activating tissue regrowth. Hard tissue lasers help to prepare or shape teeth for composite bonding, repair worn-down dental fillings, and remove some tooth structures. Whether you’re having laser gum surgery or hard tissue work, expect an easier procedure and a shorter recovery time. Laser Dentistry is a convenient solution to many oral and dental problems, whether serious in nature or simply cosmetic. Ask VARDAN DENTAL CLINIC & MEDICINE about laser dentistry the next time you need dental work completed.

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