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Dr Alicja

I am a licensed MD dietitian and psychologist. “Perfect health” of my patients is my primary goal, including physical and psychological levels. During the last ten years of my practice, I have helped hundreds of patients.

I offer individual dietetic consultation (online) assessment of the current diet based on a detailed dietary interview, consultations on healthy eating, development of an individual dietary program, planning dietetic therapy in the case of underweight, overweight, and obesity, and a wide range of nutrition issues. I empower patients to make health decisions and transform their lives with food and nutrition.

I focus on the nutritional management of diseases and conditions linked to body weight, food choices, eating habits, and physical activity.

My areas of practice for both adult and children (5+ years) patients include:
* Adult Nutrition Therapy
* Pediatric Nutrition Therapy
* Cardiovascular Disease
* Diabetes
* Digestive Disorders
* Food Allergies
* General Nutrition and Wellness
* Hypertension
* Vegetarian and Vegan Diet
* Weight Management

I am still developing and improving my knowledge and skills. During my psychological studies, I studied the influence of behavior and eating habits on body weight to understand the needs of patients and thus be able to help them more effectively.

I promote a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to care for their bodies, mind, and spirit.
I am a yogi, and I love to read, travel, and enjoy every moment. Dietetics is not only my profession but also a life passion and style of life.

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